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Tutorial: How to Remove OpenCloud AV Virus


In the past few months I have had multiple friends come to me with there virus ridden computer’s, and I have seen Fake Anti-Virus “VIRUSE’S” popping up everywhere (literally). These pesky viruse’s trick you into thinking there the good guy and try to help you remove virus. In reality it is the virus! The worst part of these virus’es they multiply them selves all over your system and eventually make your computer a huge paper weight. The two Fake Anti-Virus’es I have seen most are Internet Security 2010, and OpenCloud AV. In this removal tutorial I will be talking about removing OpenCloud AV.

Will be using Kapersky Rescue Disc 2010. What this will do will allow us to remove virus’es at the root level booting into a Linux os which will not be affected by the virus. From here we can target the virus on the infected Windows system.
















1) Download Kapersky Rescue Disc 2010. (Its FREE)

2) Burn The Rescue Disc image to a CD (make sure its bootable)

3) Restart and boot from the Rescue Disc that you have just burned.

4) Choose Graphic Mode.

5) Make sure you computer is plugged directly into your router or modem with an ethernet cable.

6) Update the virus definitions


7) Scan All hard drives from the infected computer

After you remove all the virus’es, reboot your system and you should be good to go.

Note: One time while removing The Internet Security 2010 virus I damaged some windows files. If this happens use the Windows Disc for your specific operating system and repair the installation of windows.

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