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Warp Stabilizer for After Effect 5.5 (Side by side comparison)

So recently I found out about warp stabilizer for Adobe After Effects 5.5, and it is the greatest effect ever! (made especially for those who cant keep a video camera from bouncing around) In this video you will see how much smoother the video becomes after the Warp Stabilizer is applied.

Warp Stabilizer works by stretching the original video out and then countering the shakes, kind of like shocks in a car.

Depending on how much footage you need to stabilize this could take a long time. After you apply the effect Warp goes through every frame and analyzes it.

After that it automatically makes the necessary adjustments, and your good to go!

I have used a few other Stabilizer effects in my day, and Warp Stabilizer is by far the best!

All in all this effect creates great results and is super easy to use. If your in a jam and all you have is wobbly footage, Warp Stabilizer is the answer!!!

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